Friday, August 17, 2012

Comparison Between Biodynamic & Hydroponic Plant.

Comparison between Biodynamic and hydroponic Japanese Cucumber!


Biodynamic Plant  showing typical Bio-Dynamic upright plant expression, healthy green, stand up to welcome sunlight and cosmic energy, they are strong, solid and healthy.


“The current conventional farming system is based on Justus von Liebig’s discovery that plants can take in only water soluble elements. This has led to the conventional system being increasingly hydroponic-almost totally disregarding soil and Nature’s organization.

The organic farming system is incorrectly understood if one thinks that it is just changing the manure inputs from artificial to “organic” manures-coming from animals. Chicken pellets are loaded with water soluble Nitrogen as in urea. In both cases the problem is the water solubility. Furthermore, in all national and international organic standards, continuous input of fertilizers in aid of an obviously inefficient organic production system is forbidden.”

"By applying water soluble fertilizers plants are force-fed through the soil water and grow larger than nature intended. "Big is good" influenced in a materialistic age.-But at the same time imbalances occur causing plant and animal diseases, pests, mites, fungi and weeds etc and the second main "skill" of the conventional agricultural system:"chemicals"became necessary and has grown increasingly.P...
lants fed indiscriminately ie outside of the jurisdiction of the Sun-for one instance- are overfilled with NPK salts and other mineral elements, and, since a plant's cell would collapse from this increased saltation-extra water has to be held in each cell. Thus such a plant becomes "blown-up" and increases in size (ditto humans eating such food)."

-Bio-Dynamics-A practical Introduction
Edited by Frances Porter


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