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Tree House

Terra Tree House Introduction:

Welcome to Terra’s Tree House. Terra’s Tree House is located deep into the mountain region of Cameron Highland. 

In order to preserve this wonderful, beautiful and tranquility land, we refuse to use any machine for land leveling and massive agriculture development purposes. Up holding our vision of providing more people with the opportunity getting closer to our Mother Nature, we have strived to remain its original appearance at best.

Getting to Terra’s Tree House requires a 4 wheel drive off-road journey for 4 km. The journey may take up to half an hour drive passing through numbers of farms and orchards, via a very narrow and bumpy trail.
From the entrance arch of Terra’s Tree House, one need to hike for about 400 meters through a log piled trail created, which may take about 10 to 15 minutes up hill. It might be a little bit of challenging for people who do not exercise at a regular basis, since the mountain trail is quite steep. Considering the luxurious fresh air and scenic view offered, you are much welcome to take your own sweet time, slowing down your pace, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the breath taking view! It is definitely better for one to bring along a lightweight backpack instead of trolley luggage.
All of the bamboo and Nipah palm’s leaf (Atap) used for our Tree House construction were built by our native people (Orang Asli); carrying them all the way up hill through exactly the same route you’ve just been through from the Arch to our premises.




Terra Tree House Facilities:

There are seven Tree Houses, a main Activity Hall, and a common Kitchen in the activity hall.

The water supply is directly brought in via a hidden and clean mountain stream. Electricity is powered by our generator, available at limited hours from about 6:30 to 10:30 pm. You are advised to bring along a flashlight for night time usage. We understand this could be a bit of inconvenience to you, however, consequences of limited electricity, it creates lesser electromagnetic interference and disturbance, and manage to bring good night sleep and quality rest for many of our friends.

Tree House temperatures range from 16 to 25 Degree Celsius. During the raining season, the temperature may drop down to 12 Degree Celsius.

We prepare a 100% organic cotton quilts , bed sheets and quilts cover.Your gentle handling and care would be very much appreciated.

Please help to bring along your own toiletries and towels too.

Waste disposal - Please help to place any biodegradable kitchen waste into our kitchen compost pail. Other waste such as plastic, glasses, or paper, please place them into the classified bins available, in the common Kitchen area. We do encourage guess to help keeping the jungle clean and bringing out the rubbish too.

The foods we prepare in tree house are from Biodynamic or Organic ingredients.Please do not waste any food to help and safe our Mother Earth.

You may bring along the hot water and cup into your room, do remember to return them back to the kitchen before check out.

Rate, Reservation, Payment 收费,预定,付款

When can we stay at Terra’s Tree House? 我们什么时候可以到树屋去住宿呢?

  • To check in from Sunday to Thursday is opened for 20pax and above group booking only.
  • 周一至周四入住只接受最低20人或以上的客人订约,否則樹屋關閉休息,樹屋員工利用這時間專注在農場的工作。
  • Check in Friday and check out Sunday, we welcome 3 days 2 nights  for everyone.
  • 一般上我们只接待周五入住,周日退房,32的住宿。个人/小组客人住宿都欢迎。

What is the room rate and what is included for this charge? 树屋住宿费用是多少呢?这价额包含什么呢?

(New rate effective from 10th June 2019) We have 2 types of tree houses. House No 1-6 is The Traditional Bamboo Tree House with bathroom for each houses but located just out site the house. House 7A & 7B is The Newly Constructed Wooden Tree House with attached bathroom and bathtub.

  • House 1 (comfort 5pax, max 7pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds, 1 single bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
  • House 2 (comfort 4pax, max 6pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
  • House 3A (4-5pax) – with staircase access to 1st floor – 2 double beds.
  • House 3B (4-5pax): 2 double beds.
  • House 4 (comfort 3pax, max 4pax): Ground floor – 1 double bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
  • House 5 (comfort 3pax, max 5pax): Ground floor – 1 double bed, 1 single bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
  • House 6 (comfort 4pax, max 6pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
    House 7A- 2 queen beds

    House 7B- 1 queen beds + 1 single beds

    The price include 4x4 vehicle pick up in and out from Tree House only at our defined pick up time, a dinner , 3 meals in the second day and a breakfast for the third day.

    Is there any other charges incurred other than the room rate as stated above? 除了以上说提到的住宿费,还有什么其他费用吗?

    1. Additional meal charges 增加用餐次数收费:
    • Additional meal cost RM35/pax.
    • 每一餐的额外费用为每人RM35
    1. Trip going in and out from Tree House within your stay 住宿期间进出树屋的交通费:
    • RM90/trip. This is only possible when we have enough drivers to offer you this service. Please address your needs in advance for the transportation arrangement.
    • 每一趟收费RM100。有鉴于我们极有限的资源,请事先通知我们以便可以为您安排载送服务。
    1. Electricity facility other than the “normal” hour 额外电源服务费:
    • Normal hour of the electricity availability is from 6:30-10:00 pm. In case of extra power request, please help to talk to us to understand your requirement, you are required to cover the diesel-purchase cost incurred for running the power generator.
    • 树屋电源免费服务由6:30-10:00 pm,要是您有额外电源需求,请尽早与我们联络。您需要付上购买与载送发电机所需要用到的柴油费。

    How to make a reservation for our Tree House stay? 怎么预定树屋住宿呢?

    • You can book the tree house 9 months or at least 7 days in advance . Reservation is only confirmed with full payment paid. Please email or WhatsApp 012-6613299 to check for Tree House availability.
    • 您可提前至9個月前開始預約或至少7天前预约并附上全额住宿费以确认房间预订。请电邮 或簡讯/ WhatsApp  012-6613299  查询。

    For last minute reservation changes, is there any cost incurred? 预定资料临时变更需要付上什么费用吗?

    • Cancellation 14 days before check-in date: 50% administration fee is charged. 75% fee is charged for any changes/cancellation of booking less than 14 days.
    • 于入住日期14天前取消我们将收取住宿费的50%手续费,14天内更改/取消则收取住宿费的75%作为留房至当日之损失。

    How can I make my reservation deposit? 我怎么可以付上树屋定金呢?

    1. Bank - PBB:
    • Name: Terra Organic Farm
    • Account Number: 3067668228
    1. Bank – CIMB:
    • Name: Terra Organic Farm
    • Account Number: 8005517490

    Please EMAIL your payment detail to, please address
    请电邮将您的付款备份发至 并同时注明:
    1. Your name 您的姓名:
    2. Check-in date 入住日期:
    3. Check-out date 退房日期:
    4. Number pax of adult (13 years old and above), children (4 to 12 years old) and elderly people 总人数(成人?小孩?婴孩?老人?),
    5. Contact number, and 联络电话:
    6. Any other special request (Food or animal or plant Allergy? Health condition? Etc). 其他特别需求(如食物/动物/植物敏感?健康状况?等)

    • 和平農場樹屋准备
      • 雨衣或雨傘
      • 手電筒
      • 盥洗用具,毛巾
      • 運動鞋,輕便行李

    Terra Tree House FAQ:


    Logistic, Location 交通,地点,时间

    Where is Terra’s Tree House? 和平农场树屋坐落在哪里?

    • Address: Jalan Sungai Mansion, Brinchang, Pahang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 39010.
    Terra’s Tree House is located in the peaceful and verdant jungle. Getting there requires a 4x4 vehicle off-road adventurous journey for approximately 4 kilometres. The journey may take up to half an hour passing through numbers of farms and orchards, via a very narrow and bumpy mountain trail.
    • 地址:Jalan Sungai Mansion, Brinchang, Pahang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 39010.

    Can we travel to Terra’s Tree House by any public transport? 我们可不可以私自乘搭公共交通工具到树屋呢?

    • No. Due to the rough nature of the access road (not tarred), it is impossible for public transport to drive in.
    • 不行。基于通往树屋的山路凹凸不平且路况险峻,公共交通工具无法穿骏。

    Can we drive in directly to Terra’s Tree House? 我们可不可以自行驾驶车子到树屋?

    • It is possible only if you are driving a 4x4 vehicle. Please contact us in advance for overall parking coordination if you do plan to drive in due to a very limited parking place at our Tree House compound.
    • 要是您驾驶四轮驱动车的话,这是可行的。基于树屋泊车位非常有限,请尽早与我们联络以让我们可为所有客人做泊车安排与协调。

    What is the meet up & check in time? 集合与入住时间是什么时候呢?

    • 2:30 pm.

    Where is our meet up point? Is there a place to park our vehicle? 我们的集合地点在哪里?那里有没有泊车位呢?

    Important note: Traffic is usually heavy at Cameron Highlands over the weekend and public/school holiday, you are advised to travel early and try to reach Cameron Highlands earlier.
    重要提示: 周末及公共假期/学校假期乃金马仑堵车高峰期。请提早到达金马仑。
    • Entrance of Jalan Sungai Mensun(A Junction beside Time Tunnel Museum,Brinchang)
      Direction 方向:
      If you come from T​apah­/Tanah Rata/Brinchang direction,​you will pass Brinchang town,after 1KM from Brinchang town you will see TIME TUNNEL MUSEUM on your right.Please pass through the Time Tunnel Museum and turn right into Jalan Sungai Mensun.

      If you come from S​impang Pulai­/Kampung Raja­ direction, you will pass Copthorne Hotel, Jalan Sungai Mensun is on you left before TIME TUNNEL MUSEUM.

      If you arrive in T​anah Rata by bus,​you may take a taxi (cost range RM20-40) from Tanah Rata to pick up point.

      Please wait at the junction of Jalan Sungai Mensun and we will lead you to the car park.
    • On the way to Terra Tree House at the road side.

    Is it safe to park our car there? 停泊车子的地方安全吗?

    • Park at your own risk. Please help to make sure your car is locked before leaving.
    • 客人车子安全需自负,请确保离开车子前锁好车子。

    Can we check in earlier / later? 我们可不可以提早/延迟到树屋去呢?

    • Due to the Tree House location and limited man power, we are not able to offer flexible check in time. On top of that, journey travelling to Tree House is very costly and not environmental friendly. We are trying to minimize our trip a day, trying to bring all guests in at the same time. Please help to plan your trip to Cameron Highlands as early as possible to meet your pick up / check in time. We regret for any inconvenient caused to you. Any insistence on different check in time, separate transportation charges is imposed. Please check out the rate section for transportation charges detail.
    • 基于树屋地点离开市区非常遥远,旅途险峻且非常不环保(耗用不少柴油 - 四轮驱动车),也考量到我们极有限的人力资源,我们无法提供伸缩性的入住時間服务。为此非常的抱歉,也希望客人们可以体谅。请提早抵达金马仑高原以可以准时集合,让我们把当天同时入住的客人都一起带到树屋去。倘若您只能够在指定以外的时间集合见面,必须额外付四轮车的接送交通费

    Can we cycle or trek or ride a bike in? 我们可以骑自行车,单车或徒步进去吗?

    • Yes it is possible but at your own risk. Do take note that the mountain-trail is shared among all farmers and 4WD transporters who transport veggies and others in/out from the terrain. Traffic could be heavy during the daytime. Please be extra careful while travelling across the path.
    • 可以,但是您必须为自身安全负责。进入树屋的山路乃为所有周边菜园车夫所共用,白天交通甚繁忙,路过时务必提高警惕,照顾安全。

    What is the check out time? 退房时间是什么时候呢?

    • 11 am.

    Can we check out earlier / later? 我们可不可以提早/延迟退房?

    • Due to the Tree House location and limited man power, we are not able to offer flexible check out time. On top of that, journey travelling away from Tree House is very costly and not environmental friendly. We are trying to minimize our trip a day, trying to bring all guests out at the same time. We truly regret for any inconvenient caused to you. Any insistence on different check out time, separate transportation charges is imposed. Please check out the rate section for transportation charges detail.
    • 基于树屋地点离开市区非常遥远,旅途险峻且非常不环保(耗用不少柴油 - 四轮驱动车),也考量到我们极有限的人力资源,我们无法提供伸缩性的退房服务。为此非常的抱歉,也希望客人们可以体谅。倘若您只能够在指定以外的时间退房,必须额外付四轮车的接送交通费。

    Tree Houses, facilities 树屋,设备

    What is the maximum occupancy for Terra’s Tree House? 树屋最多可以容纳多少人?

    • 45 pax.

    Is there bathroom attached in each Tree House? 每一间树屋有没有各自的浴室/厕所呢?

    • Yes. Each Tree House is attached with a bathroom except for Tree House #3, which has 2 bathrooms. All bathroom offers gasoline water heater, available round the clock.
    • 每一間樹屋都附有一間浴室(樹屋3附有兩間)。每一間浴室都備有瓦斯熱水器,可全天享用熱水沐浴。

    Is there any internet or WIFI or 3G access available? 树屋有没有网络或无线或3G服务?

    • No.
    • 没有。

    How about phone signal coverage? 树屋有电话讯号吗?

    • Very limited. Voice call is hard, but SMS is possible at certain spot only. Please inform your love one in advance before you travel to our Tree House,please give them tree house's phone no 012-6613299 in case they need to contact you .
    • 非常有限。电话拨不通,短讯或许勉强可以。请事先与您亲爱的人做好联系与通知,或留下樹屋的電話號碼 012-6613299 給您的家人。

    What is the facility available at each Tree House? 每一间树屋内设有哪一些设备呢?

    • The interior consists of good quality organic linen beds. Bathroom with gasoline water heater and toilet roll.
    • 樹屋裡備有床墊,溫暖被單及百分百之有機床套。浴室备有瓦斯热水器及厕纸。

    How far from the entrance arch into the Tree House? What is the distance between Tree Houses? 从入口门槛到树屋有多远?树屋之间的距离又有多远呢?

    • From the arch to the activity hall is about 400 metres. You have to climb about 300 – 400 steps uphill, which could be quite steep at certain area. It will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes in general. One with knee or walking problem might have some difficulty to access, others, please follow your own pace, and enjoy the scenery along the log piled trail.
    • 从入口门槛到活动平台大约400米左右。您需要徒步经过约300400个梯级,有一段路会比较斗。整体花时约1020分钟。有膝盖或行动问题的朋友或许有点困难,其他的问题不大。您只需要依据您个人的速度前进,同时更可趁机欣赏沿途风景。

    Is there water heater available for shower? 树屋设有热水器供洗澡吗?

    • Yes!
    • !

    Is there electricity available at Tree House? 树屋有电源吗?

    • Yes. But it’s only available from 6:30 – 10:00 pm.
    • 有。电源只于6:30 – 10:00 pm 提供.

    Tree House allocation / assignment 树屋客人房间安排

    Will I be assigned to stay with other guests in a Tree House? 我会不会被安排跟不认识的客人入住一间树屋呢?

    • No. This might only happen when we are organizing event / workshop (full-house setting only).
    • 不会。只有当我们进行树屋活动(包全场活动安排)参加者或会被安排入住同一间树屋。

    What are the room types available? 树屋房间有哪一些选择?

    • House 1 (comfort 5pax, max 7pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds, 1 single bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
    • House 2 (comfort 4pax, max 6pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
    • House 3A (4-5pax) – with staircase access to 1st floor – 2 double beds.
    • House 3B (4-5pax): 2 double beds.
    • House 3 1st floor (9 pax) – access via 3A: 3 double beds, 2 single beds.
    • House 4 (comfort 3pax, max 4pax): Ground floor – 1 double bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
    • House 5 (comfort 3pax, max 5pax): Ground floor – 1 double bed, 1 single bed; Loft – 2 joint single beds.
    • House 6 (comfort 4pax, max 6pax): Ground floor – 2 double beds; Loft – 2 joint single beds.

    Can I choose a house for my stay? 我可以选择住宿哪一间树屋吗?

    • House 3 and 4 are reserved for group travelling with elderly people or toddler at priority. These 2 houses are closest to our common activity hall. For other houses, yes, you may choose your preferred house; request must be made during your reservation, at first come first serve basis.
    • 三号及四号树屋为有年长及婴孩客人先为保留。这两间树屋最靠近我们的活动平台。您可以在订约时表达您所希望住宿的树屋,先到为主。

    Drinking water, food and meals, its preparation 饮水,食物与烹调

    What is the food items prepared at Tree House? 树屋提供怎么样的食物材料呢?

    • We provide Terra's organic vegetables (types depend on the corps and harvest on that day) and cooking item from the Red Earth healthy concept shop of ours too, the cooking item include rice bran oil, sesame oil, olive oil, organic ginger, sea salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, black and white sesame seeds, seaweed, brown rice noodle, organic noodles, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, honey, organic eggs etc. We also prepare drinking material of packed Kopi-O (coffee), cocoa powder (milo), black tea, cereals and some other milk powder (full cream or oat milk or five grain milk) etc. In case we do not have the item in our farm or shop, we will buy and get them ready for you, such as onion, garlic, chilli, etc. We do not supply meat / seafood. Guest may bring in your own meat and seafood but it has to be halal.
    • 我們提供和平農場有機菜(種類依據當時收割的菜类)及烹飪材料。大多數的材料乃從我們的紅土健康生活館取材的有機食材。這包括糙米,小米,蕎麥,糙米粉,麵條,葵花油,麻油,橄欖油,黑及白芝麻,海鹽,黃糖,薑,醬油,蜜糖,雞蛋等。飲料則有包裝黑咖啡,巧克力粉(美錄),黑茶,其他(麥片,豆粉等)。針對我們菜園或店鋪沒有的材料,我們會從附近的商店購買,比如蔥蒜,辣椒,咖喱粉等。我们没有提供肉类或海鲜材料。

    What is the food arrangement during our stay at Tree House? 食物安排是如何呢?

    • We will prepare the food for you. (2d1n: a dinner and a breakfast, 3d2n: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch, so on and so forth).
    • 我们会为您准备食物。(32夜:两份晚餐,两份早餐,一份午餐)。

    Is your food halal? 你们准备的食物是符合清真信徒们享用的吗?

    • We prepared only vegetarian meals at Tree House and therefore it is not a problem for Muslim guests. Anyway, we do not hold any halal certification.
    • 我们准备的食物都是素食,因此穆斯林同胞们可以一起享用。虽然如此,不幸的,我们并未曾申请相关证件。

    When is our food prepared? 我们什么时候用餐?

    • Breakfast 8:30 am, Lunch 1:00 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm. If you need to change your meal timing, kindly help to contact our person in-charged at Kitchen.
    • 早餐 8:30 am, 午餐 1:00 pm, 晚餐 6:30 pm。如果您需要调整用餐时间,请跟我们厨房的负责人协调安排。

    May I know the food menu? 你们有菜单吗?

    • We need to rely on the harvested organic vegetable from our farm during your stay to decide food preparation. Therefore we regret that we couldn’t provide you the menu of the day.
    • 基于我们的食材必须依據農場收成而定,因此我們無法預先提供菜單。

    Can we bring our own food material? 我们可不可以带自己的食物呢?

    • Yes. You may bring in your own food but it has to be halal. We strongly encourage no meat food. Due to Tree House is located in the forest, meat and the leftovers tend to attract more wild-life during the night.
    • 可以。您可以携带自己的食物,但是必须是“halal”我们希望您不带肉类食物。基于树屋坐落在山区树林内,肉类食物及厨余在夜里总是会吸引很多野兽前来

    Where is the kitchen and where is the food to be served? 厨房在哪里?我们又在哪里用餐呢?

    • There is only one common kitchen available for cooking; the food will be served at the common activity hall. Please refer to our Tree House map for the kitchen and activity hall location.
    • 我们只有一间公用厨房供烹煮;所有客人都会在活动平台用餐。请参考我们的树屋地图以更了解厨房及活动平台的位置。

    Do we have to bring along our own drinking water? 我们需不需要自行携带饮水?

    • No, but please bring along your water container / thermos. We use spring water, it is drinkable without boiling. We do boil some of them to offer hot water and for concerned guest with boiled water.
    • 不需要,但请携带水瓶/保温瓶。我們的水源來自山里的泉水,可直接飲用。除此,我們也会准备烧开水,提供给需要的客人们。

    Insects, mosquito, animals, wild life 昆虫野兽

    Is there mosquito at Tree House? 树屋有蚊子吗?How do we avoid insects and mosquito bites? 我们该怎么避开蚊虫叮咬?

    • Yes. We smudge our Tree House once a week with coal and lemongrass. This is our native way of keeping the insects away. Certain house is setup with mosquito net too. Anyway, we do not have major problem of them at the moment. You may bring along insect repellent for extra protection. When stock is available, we do sell our home-made insect repellent made from bee wax and lemongrass oil.
    • 有。我们每周以火炭及香茅草烟熏树屋一次。这是我们道地土著们驱赶蚊虫的方式。有部分树屋也设有蚊帐。目前我们并没遇上严重的蚊虫问题。您可随身携带驱蚊膏以作防备。若有存貨,我们亦有售卖用天然蜜蜡与香茅油自制的驱蚊膏。

    Are there leaches at Tree House? 树屋有蚂蝗/水蛭吗?

    • Very rare. But there is 1 or 2 when you trek to the nearby waterfall.
    • 非常稀少。要是您徒步到树屋附近的小瀑布去,或许会遇上一两只。

    What are the wild animals that I have to keep an eye at? 我们有哪一些野兽需要特别留意/小心的呢?

    • Terra’s Tree House, Cameron Highlands is located on the Titiwangsa Range (thick forest) of Peninsular Malaysia. We live with the jungle. There are many insects and animals that live or travel across tree houses. Yes, there are mosquito, flies, bees, butterflies, bats, spiders, scorpions, caterpillars, centipedes, ants, cicadas, beetles, beautiful birds, soaring eagles, swallows, owls etc. There might be mountain goat, kancils (little deer), wild cats, bear, tigers or leopards, anyway I don’t think they like to travel here, and Cameron Highlands is simply overdeveloped.
    • 金马仑和平农场树屋坐落在马来西亚半岛中央山脉之间。树屋与山林共存。有很多昆虫动物居住于这山林之间又或者路过树屋。是的,这里有蚊子,苍蝇,蜜蜂,蝴蝶,蝙蝠,蜘蛛,蝎子,毛虫,蜈蚣,蚂蚁,蝉,甲虫类,美丽色彩缤纷的鸟群,老鹰燕子,猫头鹰等。还有可能出没的包括山羊,野鹿,熊,老虎或豹,但是因金马仑经已过度开发,这一些动物极少在这里出没。

    Temperature, surroundings 气候,环境

    What is the average temperature at Tree House? 树屋一般的气温如何?

    • Terra’s Tree House, Cameron Highlands is located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 degree Celsius or lower at certain times. During the raining season (year-end) we had the lowest temperature record of 9 degree Celsius. The weather here remains at the lower 20’s most of the time.
    • 金马仑和平农场树屋坐落在马来西亚半岛中央山脉之中,介于海拔1500米之上。温度或会降至16摄氏度或更低,尤其遇上雨季期间,曾经创9摄氏度最低纪录。一般而言,这里的温度介于20摄氏度左右。

    Activities 活动

    What are the activities available at Tree House?到树屋可以进行哪一些活动呢?

    1. Sit back and relax, enjoy the breeze, the natural sound surrounding, and rest; 享受樹屋的寧靜與風景,聆聽森林的豐富聲音,全身放鬆與休息;
    2. Bio-Dynamic organic farming introduction and sharing with a short farm visit and walk; 生物動力農耕分享與小菜園參觀;
    3. Waterfall trek (approx 30 minutes one way); 瀑布遊,單程約三十分鐘;
    4. Jungle trail trek (approx 2 hour round trip), the trail is steep; 爬山徒步,全程約兩個小時,路途陡。


    Can we visit Tree House without staying overnight? 我们可不可以只参观树屋不过夜呢?

    • Due to limited man power, we do not accept non-overnight guests. ONLY IF we have enough staff to entertain and the charges are RM200 per trip (max up to 10pax). Appointment must be made at least 3 days in advance.
    • 基于人手短缺,我们没办法接待非入住客人。只有當我們有足夠的人手接待,我們方會接受參觀客。每趟載送價錢是 RM20010人為限)您必須至少三天前預約。

    When do you organize workshop or event at Tree House? How can I get to know them? 你們什麼時候在樹屋辦活動?我怎麼可以得到活動的相关訊息呢?

    • Please visit our FaceBook page of "Terra's Tree House". All in house events and workshops will be published at the FB page once it's finalized.
    • 請參閱面書網站 - Terra's Tree House. 活動一旦確定,都會在那裡公佈招生。

    Guest 客人

    Can toddler or elderly or a pregnant lady fit to come and stay at Tree House? 婴孩,老人家或孕妇适合到树屋住宿吗?

    • Several consideration point for your own justification: (We welcome anyone who feel comfortable to be here with us)
      • We are located on a ridge of a mountain uphill; one have to climb for about 300 meters or 300 steps uphill;
      • Total darkness after 10:30pm once the electricity is out;
      • Forestry environment with insects and animals;
      • Native structured building, built from bamboo and untreated wood;
      • Trail connecting from houses to our common hall, not tarred, piled with logs and jungle trail.
    • 请自行考量一下因素:(只要您感觉舒服,我们都欢迎)。
      • 我们坐落在山背上,到树屋来需要徒步行走廷陡的梯级山路,约300米或三百多级梯子;
      • 10:30pm 以后完全漆黑;
      • 树林里住着昆虫动物;
      • 非常简陋,类似本地原住民的树屋架构;
      • 树屋范围内的道路都是山林路,崎岖不平。

    Things to bring 客人建议携带物品

    What are the items that I should bring along? 我需要携带哪一些物品呢?

    • Back pack (not trolley bag), 背包式行李袋(不鼓勵拉桿背包,要登山不方便也很吃力),
    • Comfortable walking shoes (during the raining day the trail could be quite slippery), 舒適的徒步鞋(雨天路會滑),
    • Torch light (MUST!), 手電筒(必要!),
    • Towel, 毛巾,
    • Personal toiletries (bio-degradable material is highly recommended), 個人洗刷用品(可分解性質,无化学成分的更棒),
    • Sweater and jacket, 保暖衣褲,
    • Rain coat or umbrella (rain is frequent here), 雨衣或雨傘(金马仑下雨的几率很高哦),
    • Personal medication, 個人醫藥保健,
    • Thermos in case you need to keep some hot drink for yourself at room. 熱水瓶(以方便可以擕帶在身邊/到房裡去)。

    Tree House Special Note 树屋独特咨询

    Rubbish handling 垃圾处理

    • All guests are required to pack your own rubbish and carry out away from Tree House during check out.
    • 客人必须自行处理垃圾。请把垃圾打包好,退房后一起携带出去。

    Toilet paper usage 厕纸运用

    • We encourage guests to use less or if possible try not to use the toilet roll / paper. Clean water is available at each toilet for washing.
    • 我们鼓励客人不用/减少用厕纸。厕所里都设有干净的水源供冲洗。

    Doing the dishes 餐具清洗

    • All guests are required to do your own dishes after meal(s). We provide liquid washing enzyme for dishes.
    • 客人必须自行清洗用餐后的餐具。厨房里备有清洗餐具之液体酵素。

    Smoking / Fire 抽烟/生火

    • Smoking and fire are totally prohibited in our Tree Houses. There’s a designated fire pit located at our common hall for fire setup purpose.
    • 所有树屋都不允许抽烟/生火。活动平台内设有一个生火站。

    Kitchen waste handling厨余处理

    • Please help to throw all your kitchen waste into a bucket prepared in the kitchen. Toilet paper / paper / teabags / coffee bags are not considered kitchen waste. Please keep them into your rubbish bag.
    • 请将厨余倒入厨房内所准备的厨余桶内。厕纸/纸张/茶袋/咖啡包都不属于厨余,请当垃圾处理。

    Others 其他

    If there is emergency, how and who shall we contact? 若发生紧急事件,我们该如何还有该联络谁呢?

    • There will always be at least a dedicated staff who will attend to your emergency need.
    • 树屋会有至少一位员工驻守以回应客人的紧急需求。

    Who is Terra’s Tree House person in-charged (PIC), how can I reach the Tree House PIC? 谁是树屋负责人?我该怎么联络他呢?

    • Ming Yew.As most of the time they are very busy, please help to send only SMS to +6012-6613299 or email and do allow us to come back to you in 1 to 2 days time.
    • 敏耀。由於接聽電話時間非常有限。请发短讯至+6012-6613299或电邮 联络他。请允许我们在1-2 天之内回复您的询问。

    How can I order and buy the organic vegetable from Terra’s Organic Farm? 我如何可以预订及购买和平农场有机菜呢?

    • As a Tree House guest, you may order from us on the first day you arrive (only if our crops are available). You do have to collect your ordered veggie box after check out, at our Red Earth shop at Kampung Raja, Cameron Highland.
    • 树屋的客人可以在到达树屋当天通过我们预订菜箱 (如果我们的收成充足)。客人必须在退房离开树屋后自行到金马仑 Kampung Raja 小镇去领取您所预订的菜箱。


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