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Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Farming Method Seminar July 2017

Bio-Dynamic agriculture is an enhanced organic farming method that was introduced by Rudolph Steiner in 1924. It was introduced as a method to counter soil degradation, poor plant and animal health and other farming problems that had occurred since the introduction of artificial fertilizers and farm chemicals.

In Australia, in the early 1950’s, Alex Podolinsky set about making the method a practical system, suitable for all areas of agricultural and horticultural production. In the early 1960’s he founded the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA), which today, by landmass, is the largest natural farming body on earth. The method developed is recognized worldwide as the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic method and has been adopted by farmers from many countries.

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The speaker, Ng Tien Khuan, graduated as M.Sc in Physics from University Malaya, changing his life to become a farmer 15 years ago, and start an organic Farm 11 years ago. After 2.5 years of ordinary organic, he acquired the knowledge and practices of Bio-Dynamic and now has a 6 acre Demeter certified vegetable farm.

Topics covered will include - History and development of Bio-Dynamic Farming
- Plant feeding within nature
Soil cultivation, to improve soil structure
Soil humus formation and microbial activity
Bio-Dynamic plant expression
Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 500
Prepared 500 (Podolinsky introduced- 500 plus 502-507)
Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 501
Stirring and applying the Bio-Dynamic preparation
Preparing the soil to receive the B.D. preparations at the most beneficial time.
Bio-Dynamic compost heap and using compost preparations 502-507
Sheet composting and green manures
Using the Bio-Dynamic Astrological sowing chart.

Farm walks showing Bio-Dynamic results and discussing practical aspects of Bio-Dynamic farming will be included.
Practical demonstrations of stirring preparations will be held and those that are attending are encouraged to participate.
Quality Australian made Bio-Dynamic preparations will also be displayed.
DVD showing Bio-Dynamic soil development.

Terra Organic Farm (和平農塲)主辦

Speaker 主講人:黃田環 Ng Tien Khuan

Language 主講語言: Mandarin 中文

Venue地點: Terra Organic Farm, Lojing Highlands.

何婉菁 ( Ho Woon Sing), 電話: 012-2192582, 電郵:

Seminar Timetable 課程時間表
Saturday 1st July 2017
07:45-8:15 Registration. 報到
8:15-10:00 History of Bio-Dynamics, Plant feeding within nature’s law. Humus.介紹BD農法以及其歷史,自然法則下植物如何吸收養份,腐殖質。
10:00-10:30 Tea Break 茶點
10:30-12:00 Soil cultivation, soil structure and roots, humus formation and soil biology.Bio-Dynamic plant expression . 養土,土壤的結構,植物根系,腐殖質,土壤的生物性,BD 植物的形態。
12.00-13.30 Lunch 午餐
13.30-15:15 Green Manures and Bio-Dynamic sheet composting. DVD – Establishing Bio-Dynamic soil.綠肥與BD 堆肥。影片觀賞-如何建立BD 土壤結構
15.15 - 15.45 Tea Break 茶點
15:45-17:30 Using Preparation 500. Prepared 500. Stirring, spraying and storing 500.Demonstration and tuition – hand stirring.示範與解說如何使用配方 BD 500。如何攪拌,噴灑,以及儲藏配方 BD 500。
17.30 - 18.30 Dinner
18:30-20:00 DVD. 影片觀賞

Sunday 2nd July 2017
08:00- 9.45 The using, stirring, storing of BD 501. 示範與解說如何使用配方 BD 501。如何攪拌,噴灑,以及儲藏配方 BD 501。
9:45-10:15 Tea Break
10:15-12:30 Using the Bio-Dynamic Astrological sowing chart. BD 耕作曆.Preparations 502-507. BD堆肥以及配方 502-507 的使用。 12:30-14:00- Lunch 午餐
14:00-15:45 Farm Visit 農場參觀。BD Certification in Australia, Australian Demeter BD,Organizations in Australia.關於 澳洲 Biodynamic的組織與認證機構。Questions. 問題及討論
15.45-16.00 Tea Break 茶敘
16:00 课程结束 Good Bye!

Seminar Fee 課程費用RM600 (Inclusive 3 meals, 4 refreshments 含3餐,4個茶點)

Seminar Fee Incluve accommodation 課程+住宿RM800
(含30/6 以及 1/7 兩晚住宿.4人一房,住宿在農場裡,6餐,4個茶點。)

Seminar Fee for Old Students RM300 (Inclusive 3 meals, 4 refreshments )
凡上過和平農場主辦同樣課程的朋友再次上課課程費用 RM300,含三餐,4個茶點。

Seminar Fee Incluve accommodation for old students 舊學員課程+住宿RM500
(含30/6 以及 1/7 兩晚住宿.4人一房,住宿在農場裡,6餐,4個茶點。)

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